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With OLIESUG LAND you can gather up oil spillage both indoors and out-of-doors. 

OLIESUG LAND is an assortment of effective products, which all distinguish themselves when gathering pollution up from asphalt and the workshop floor. The basic element in the assortment is our biologically dispersible OLIESUG, which can be found in a LIGHT and a HEAVY version. Never before has the gathering of oil spillage been so effective.

OLIESUG is an organic universal granule for the absorption of oil spillage, indoors and out-of-doors. The product, manufactured in Denmark under Danish patents, has several unique properties. OLIESUG is easy to use, compared to other products on the market. OLIESUG has an active absorption ability, which leads to a considerable reduction of the reaction time. 

OLIESUG has a high absorption ability, up to twice its own weight. This makes OLIESUG cheaper in use, compered with clay and stone granules, as these only absorb approx. 0.8 times their own weight. Clay and stone granules cannot be burnt, and as a result they are an unnecessary danger to the environment. OLIESUG on the contrary can be incinerated and thus reduces any effects on the environment, both now and in the future. Considering the use of OLIESUG, it results in quicker cleaning up, reduces loads, an improved work environment and a considerable reduction of running cost and depot storage. 

OLIESUG is manufactured from recycled materials from the food industry, and after the final processing OLIESUG is the best product on the market for the absorption of liquids on a hard surface. 

OLIESUG is used by the Emergency Services, the Ministry of Defense, industry and many fire stations, among other organizations.

 Fetch our Product Descriptions, with the accompanying safety data sheets. 

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