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The story behind OLIESUG ApS

Oliesug is a Danish company with Danish patented products for the absorption of oil, manufactured in Denmark.
Read the story of how the innovative products Terrabaz and Aquabaz from BAZIG became tomorrow's program for the prevention of pollution for life-saving organizations, emergency services and major industrial concerns for the area in and around the Baltic.




The founders of Oliesug ApS have together more than 50 years experience within the CLEAN TECH industry.


When BAZIG was up for sale back in 2007, it was decided to buy BAZIG´s patented products and the production line of absorbent materials, which originally by the inventor from Funen, Poul Jensen. This production line contains organic and biologically dispersible granules, absorption mats, absorption hoses etc.for the absorption of oil spillages. 


The vision


The founder behind ENVISO GROUP A/S  have, with the purchase of BAZIG,the object of creating a global company with a firm base in the Nordic market.


Oliesug ApS receives at the same time a monopoly for trading Oliesug W-OilOnly granules, and has now a complete production palette for the absorption of Oil Spillages, both on land and water. 


It has been decided, through the company's business plan, that Oliesug ApS shall benefit from all the synergy that can be obtained from being part of a major network. In particular this synergy results in a continuity of constructive thinking, and new and even more innovative solutions in the fight against pollution.




The fragile habitat Earth, that we all call our home, leaves us all with a joint responsibility both for the present, and for coming generations. Oliesug ApS have naturally, and as a matter of course, chosen the organic and biologically dispersible line of attack to the environmentally friendly and correct struggle against pollution. The value of our products, where they participate in the absorption of oil spillages, chemical spillages etc. both on land and on water, is unbeaten.


Oliesug ApS has developed and implemented a logo together with the philosophy of the company illustrates the transition from polluted water to clean water. This symbolism is for Oliesug ApS one of the pillars in our business philosophy and is a corner-stone in the foundations of the company. 



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