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OLIESUG  - The only environmentally correct product in the fight against
oil pollution

OLIESUG has chosen the environmental and biologically dispersible road. For us, the only possible solution in the fight against oil pollution. Systematic solutions with an especial emphasis on the gathering of oil spillage.


OLIESUG absorption products for use with oil pollution on land or at sea. The product can be used for anything from oil drip to oil leaks from oil tanks, and more. The absorption solution distinguishes itself by its approach to the environment, and by being biodegradable. Choose a professional solution to oil pollution, whether on land or at sea.


OLIESUG - A thoroughly tested natural product, 100% biodegradable

OLIESUG for the prevention of oil  pollution on land is made from seaweed. OLIESUG is therefore a completely natural product, without any form of harmful artificial additives, and can thus be dispersed without affecting the environment.



OLIESUG for oil pollution on water - the environmentally correct solution

OLIESUG for the prevention of oil pollution on water is made from wood fibres. OLIESUG floats on the water, and obsorbs the oil. Because OLIESUG for water is made from wood it presents no environmental risk, it is a 100% natural product, which can be dispersed without any costs to the environment.

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