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The world is changing in small steps - we have decided that we will be one of the first

As a responsible concern, one can no longer refrain from taking a standpoint about the condition of the world. As we write in our statement, we want to contribute to positive development. But development takes time, and as a result it happens through small steps.

A large step on the road in the right direction is the fight against pollution -especially the fight against oil pollution.


The solution is called OLIESUG

Oliesug has chosen to attack just these two problems, and we believe that the solution is to make absorption as effective as possible, as well as the subsequent treatment being easier and free of risk - the solution is called OLIESUG.

  • Oliesug absorbs 3 to 5 times better than other absorbent materials
  • Oliesug is not dusty, when spread
  • Oliesug is easier to collect, after use                     
  • Oliesug can, as the only material, be incinerated                                      
  • Oliesug requires no form of depot storage
Environment, consideration and sound common sense -at no extra cost

When we deliberately work to create environmentally-friendly solutions, this is mainly a result of our prime environmental objective. one of the most critical environmental problems is exactly the storage of damaging materials and substances. With OLIESUG storage can be completely avoided, without any form of further environmental threat - the incineration of used OLIESUG corresponds completely to any other form of combustion of fossil fuel, Oliesug granules themselves are CO2 neutral, as they are solely based on vegetable fibres. 

At the same time our objective is to make a genuine and environmentally-friendly alternative to the existing products on the market. And when we say genuine, this means that the solution that we offer also shall be a paying solution. We all know that quality is expensive, but our philosophy is that when we offer an alternative, which is the most environmentally friendly, then it is not a solution for others than us, until the price is competitive - and OLIESUG is that.

Behind OLIESUG we have the most innovative environment concern in Scandinavia, ENVISO GROUP. This concern is noted for its innovative solutions, development and far reaching ambitions. OLIESUG is a direct extension of the innovative culture, which characterizes the whole concern.


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